Juniper Labs creates and delivers software that's simple, user-friendly but powerful to meet the needs of leading corporations The software development process of Juniper Labs swiftly delivers results. The founders of Juniper Labs are James Domino and Paul Fairchild. The clients of Juniper Labs cover many industries including Consumer Services, Entertainment, Insurance and Financial Services. You can contact Juniper Labs using email, postal mail, telephone or facsimile.
LEARN - We learn about your current processes. THINK - We think about what we have learned and synthesis a new system to exceed the needs. PLAN - We work with you to plan the system, its delivery and integration into your company. CODE - Using your preferred technologies, we write application source code to create the system. DEMO - As soon as we can, we demonstrate the system to you. REPEAT... - In a 'tight loop', we quickly repeat the previous steps, if needed, to tune the system to your needs. TEACH - If necessary, we teach your people how to use the new system. RELEASE - Working with your IS department, if you have one, we release the new system to your company. TEST - at every step - Every step in this process ends with a small test phase that confirms that we did the work correctly. We spend time thinking about the big picture.  How do all of your processes work together to make a well tuned machine?  Where can technology be efficiently applied to gain the largest bang-for-buck?