Juniper Labs creates and delivers software that's simple, user-friendly but powerful to meet the needs of leading corporations The software development process of Juniper Labs swiftly delivers results. The founders of Juniper Labs are James Domino and Paul Fairchild. The clients of Juniper Labs cover many industries including Consumer Services, Entertainment, Insurance and Financial Services. You can contact Juniper Labs using email, postal mail, telephone or facsimile.
Consumer Services - See recent examples of our web site development work. Entertainment - Learn about our various Entertainment web site projects. Real Estate - Learn about how we help Real Estate agents get clients. Insurance - Learn about our experience in Document Imaging, Policy and Claims Management solutions for the Insurance industry. Finance - Learn about how we created systems to help Portfolio Managers manage Billion dollar portfolios. We have created systems to manage Billion dollar Fixed Income Portfolios that required complex yield calculations, performance attribution, compliance testing and trading.  We have also created Document Imaging systems for 1099's and other client statements.